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Character Info

Name: WoLFMaN
Class: Werewolf
Weapon: Claws - "The mighty hands of steel"
Race: Black Wolves
Quote: What's alive can be killed, What's dead can be Eaten, What's swallowed can be puked.


History: Unknown, The Wolfman is an experiment that went out of control somewhere, somehow...

Additional Info

Status: Hunter
Mission: Human Holocaust
Age: Unknown (estimate; 110)
Height: 1.85 m.
Weight: 950 kg.
Color eyes: Red
Color hair: Black

Number of kills:
Men: est.550
Women: est.400
Children: est.350

Diet: Innards
Language: Howling
Favorite kill: Bite someone's head of in a split second..
Second choice weapon: Razorsharp Teeth
Third choice weapon: Brutal Strenght
Hometown: Black Woods...?

Specials: The Wolfman can run like hell. His body is build for the kill. Normal wolves can't climb, The Wolfman can. And by the way, The Wolfman stays a wolfman, no matter "whatever-moon" there is...(howling) So, bad luck for all you guys out there.


Relaxing at the pool.. Nothing beats a WoLFMaN