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Character Info

Name: Maxxo
Class: Warrior
Weapon: Broadsword - "KRiMSoN"
Race: Human
Quote: LeT Me Be !


History: "Quick, find shelter!" The pouring rain and blasting thunderstorms made the royal men flee inside a cave. "This will do," A man with a purple cloak said, "at least it's a bit warmer in here. Though it is dark," He pointed at one of his compagnions, "Light, please." The man did as he was told, bringing out a dry torch from his backpack and putting it on fire. The dark cave enlighted, casting dark shadows further in the massive hole of rock, there where the light couldn't reach. "I hope we're alone in here," the purple cloaked man said. "Let's explore." The three men who had entered the domain advanced deeper into the cave, surveying the surrounding scape. The man with the torch suddenly shocked backwards, "I think I saw something, over there!" He pointed in the distance. "I think it was your imagination, there's nothing over here," the other party member said while nearing the place where there should be something according to his partner. Then the man let free a big moan, and fell hard against the ground. The torch-wielder dropped his lighting tool and pulled his sword of of his sheath. The man with the cloak followed his example. In the small light circle which was summoned from the torch on the ground, they saw red blood slowly making a trail towards them. "Victor! Oh no!" The man was in panic. "Hush it, Terian, I'm trying to listen!" The man in the purple cloak got his friend hushed, and listened. He could only hear blood dripping from the body in the darkness of the cave. "Alyraed, behind you!" Alyraed, as the man with his purple cloak was called, jumped forward and turned 180 degrees, and saw before him a young boy, standing in battle position with an old rusted sword in his hands. "Get out of my cave, strangers, or be prepared to face the same fate as your friend!" Alyraed lowered his weapon. "Well, well. Victor was annihilated by a little boy! How funny," The boy made a stout face, "and yet it does say something about your skill. I am Alyraed, master of the Training Centre in Tupulh. I think I could make you a strong warrior. Come with me, ... What's your name?" The boy calmed a bit down, and stopped gritting his teeth. "Maxxo." "Maxxo it is then!" Alyraed got the boy so far to travel along with him, after the storm had put down. Three punches at a row got the warrior to the ground. Blood spilled the floor, and screams were all around him. How dare he. The warrior stood up, looking mean out of his helmet to his assaulter, and then punched him real hard and fast in the guts. "Fool." The man had no chance to block the attack, and he went to his guts with his arms, screaming and falling on his knees. Then the warrior stroke out again, giving the man a knee with his plate leggings on the head. 'Guards!' people around him screamed. The warrior stroked his face, and saw on his hand that he was bleeding. The idiot! He flinched and began to stomp the fallen man with his boots. He had a red flush in front of his eyes. He will kill this moron. As he began to unsheath his sword, guards ran into the pub, the crowd making way for them to cross. They smashed the mad warrior aside, and a few blows against his head finally got him calm. He stood up. "I have to leave," he told the guards, but they blocked his path. "Make way, fools!" "Let him through!" The guards looked behind them, seeing the master Alyraed standing in the doorway. The warrior looked nasty at the guards that had slammed him down, and when passing them he made a fake move towards one of them making him fall backwards. The warrior laughed, and followed Alyraed out of the pub. "Maxxo, you fool. This time you have really done it. I have warned you a hundred times now, but.." The warrior, Maxxo, interrupted him. "You mean 56 times, master." "No Maxxo, I am not your master anymore. And you shall never live here again. Do you hear me? I ban you from this town, Maxxo, and you shall not return unless you are willing to die. Guards!" A handful of guards came running towards him. Maxxo didn't knew what to say. "Abandon town? You got to be kidding me, Alyraed." But his trainer did not listen. "Escort him out, and if he refuses, drag him out, and if he struggles, knock him unconcious." Betrayal. That puny peasant which he had served for so many years just betrayed him! "You will pay, Alyraed. You will pay for this act!" He pulled his sword out and chopped it in of the guards in the belly, while the others had dragged their swords. The guard fell down to the ground, screaming loud. The fear was readable from his face. Maxxo ran towards the city gates. These fools shall all pay. While running, the guards behind him and his former master yelled for backup, but Maxxo slammed those who had came close enough to the side and made his way out. A small cloud of dust covered the view between Maxxo and Alyraed, but he did not care. "You will pay for your puny sins, Alyraed! You stupid idiot! I will come back and you shall die, fool!" He made his way into the woods with balled fists. Suddenly he heard a noise from the bushes, and stood in battle position. "Who goes there?" A brute laugh came, and a huge and massive man stepped out. Maxxo noticed his red eyes. "Good day, warrior. I am Torment."



Wonder what's on his mind.. Our own DBH superhero He's rough, he's tough, he's buff, he's the stuff ! He's cool !