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Character Info

Name: Madness
Class: Ninja
Weapon: NinjaStar - "Rip-Off"
Race: Human
Quote: UNCaGE THe MaDNeSS !!!


History: `Poof!' His spell went up into smoke again. "Curse this!" He began throwing miscellaneous stuff around the room, making his master scream. "Temper, you little brad, temper!" He grabbed the pupil at his too large robes. "If you keep throwing around things when a spell doesn't work the first time, you'll never become a great spellcaster. By holding your temper, thus piling up your anger, you can use that to actually cast spells. Trust me on this one," he said. And so the little boy did as his master told him to. Madness was screaming out loud inside his head, but tried not to show any of it. He would cast this spell, even if it was the last thing he'd do! He repeated the enchantment several times, and failing each time. Suddenly, it worked. A red light spit out of his finger tops, blasting towards the object he had tried to cast the spell on. It jumped into the air, higher then it actually meant to do. "Good. Control your rage. As you see, anger can lead up to dangerous amounts of energy which can be released through your magical skill. It increases the power of the spell!" Madness smiled. Even though he was just a little kid, he had learned a few good spells and already showed great potential with succes. He was to be one of the best spellcasters around this and the surrounding lands, the rumor was. And it was not just a rumor. Several years later, he had become what everyone had foreseen. It took him just two years to increase his power higher then his master's, the old Meshrem, and kept on learning spells from him. But now was the time his teacher could teach him no more. He was the best. "Now, Madness, you will travel lands to find books of spells, where you can learn from. I can teach you no more," Meshrem said. Madness smiled proudly. "You are right, old fool, you can teach me no more." His master looked amazed at him. Did he just call him an old fool? "And since you are of no use to me anymore, I shall dispose of you. Good bye," and as Meshrem tried to flee away towards the door of their laboratory, Madness called upon the spell he had learned first. The master mage was on fire, casting a counter spell of water, whilst still running. Madness gave him no more time. He had, as he had said, no more use of the old fool. He stopped playing and cast another spell, resulting that Meshrem the wizard choked. Defeated so easily. He would not only find books of spells to learn of, but he would also find stronger opponents, for his goal was to achieve the rank of the greatest wizard ever. With his huge self dignity he strode forwards out of his lab, grabbing just a few books with him, and made way towards unknown lands. The people were right, but they could not have known that Meshrem's student was so greedy for more knowledge. He had become a so called `power devil', one who abused his power for his own good. "I hope you like your daggers," he told once they had fled from the scenery inside the city walls. Skyrim smiled. "Indeed I do, wizard." Madness had learned a lot since he had travelled from land to land. It is better to be with companions, the best of the best, the elite of every trade. He had sensed Skyrim's power, heard rumors of him, and had actually witnessed some of his strength a few hours ago. They were camping out in the wilderness, while the mage had cast a fire spell to provide them of light. Several days had passed now since he met his new partner, and it made him feel satisfied again. "Now, Skyrim, I am a mage, as you know. I will teach you spells until you reach your limit, but I want you to teach me some of your skills too." Skyrim nodded. "Ofcourse," he replied. "I will teach you the art of fighting, sneaking, and such. The art of the ninja." Madness had heard of ninja's, they were powerful fighters. It seemed he had picked the right character to be in company with. "I haven't only contacted you for knowledge, though. I wish to gather several elite warriors and mages from all over the world, to become the most feared group in the world. I have a great lust for power, you see." Skyrim grinned evily, and showed how he agreed. Well, that was simple, Madness thought. A few days passed and Madness was picking up the skills Skyrim learned him pretty fast. They had traveled a lot, too, and now they had entered the lands of Kenaz. They came upon a small town, called Pestilence, and found the inn. Madness and Skyrim were spied by the local townsmen, who whispered to eachother while observing the two strangers. Skyrim overheard a conversation about a certain barbarian, one with great power who had been lost years ago, or so they had thought. Madness did, too. They decided to look. As they went on their way they heard rumors. The people in the inn of the last town had interesting things to tell. It seemed that the one they are looking for had been around here not very long ago, perhaps a day or two. That was all they needed to know. In the meanwhile Madness had learned a lot of the ninja skill while Skyrim had learned several spells. Now they would travel towards the other person, a barbarian, to meet him. As they approached Rekash, some big town in the middle of nowhere, they hold still. "I can sense him," Madness said. The two masters advanced further, and made their way towards an inn. The first thing Madness saw was an half-elf, sitting in a dark corner opposite a dark partner...


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What Video Game Character Are You? I am a Gauntlet Adventurer. I am a Gauntlet Adventurer.
I strive to improve my living conditions by hoarding gold, food, and sometimes keys and potions. I love adventure, fighting, and particularly winning - especially when there's a prize at stake. I occasionally get lost inside buildings and can't find the exit. I need food badly.


Playing with the webcam Chopping some firewood MaDNeSS at the age of 14 Young MaDNeSS, 4 years old
He looks like a zombie : Working on the site ;) MaDNeSS dropped his food..dumbass MaDNeSS at Muiderslot, cool castle
What's he thinking..? MaDNeSS is the winner ! yeah : Hey..where'd my head go ? MaDNeSS the monk
MaDNeSS attacking... That's one hell of a tail ! Tough guy.. Smile !
Fear the MaD ninja ! Run! It's the MaDaPuLT :) MaD got a total new look! Looking just fine