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Character Info

Name: Argoth
Class: Dark Knight
Weapon: Silver Katana
Race: Dragonish
Quote: LiSTeN To YoUR SoUL...



History: Argoth was a wizard who lived in the dense forests of the Argothian Darklands. But some people with influence thought Argoth to be a threat to them. They thought he might grow too powerful for them to command, so they hired another wizard to kill Argoth. The wizard thought this to be an easy job but he was wrong, Argoth had trained himself well and was quite a match for the wizard. There was a fierce battle between the two wizards and in the end the evil wizard had to flee, but before he did that he had cast one last spell. He transformed Argoth in a huge dragon, so he could never hide himself anywhere. The wizard went home and sended out Orcs to finish the job. But Orcs are stupid, they couldn't find Argoth immediately. And in the meantime Argoth had found himself a cure, with his last magic power he tried to transform back to his human form. But his dragonform had weakened his magic power and he wasn't able to fully restore his human form. He was now a creature half-dragon and half-human. He was as strong as a dragon and he had the mind of a human, but his magical powers had left him. And he swoar an oath to find the wizard who had done this to him. Luckily for Argoth, he joined the DaRKBRoTHeRHooD and had his revenge.


Fire born of Dragon's breath.
Immortal creature, immune to Death.
Eyes of emerald, gleaming cold.
Claws of Iron, Scales of Gold.

-- Argoth