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29/08/2012 - A DBH guestbook

About us...

We are a bunch of people who know eachother in real life. In 1998 we (MaDNeSS, SkyriM, ToRMeNT & TRiuMPH) decided to start a group and named ourselves DaRKBRoTHeRHooD, this actually is the name of an assassins guild in the game Daggerfall by Bethesda Softworks. Over the years we asked our friends to join. Most of us play online games so we use this name for clan/guild/team/alliance/whatever name in those games. On occasions we hang out and have some fun. At this site you can find pictures, stories, projects, etc. of our members. So enjoy your stay and don't forget to write something in the guestbook!

    Some MMO games we play or have played collectively throughout the years and from where you might recognize us:
  • Dransik (ca. 1999)
  • Conquer Online (ca. 2001)
  • World Of Warcraft (ca. 2008)